Vegetable Korma (M)

Vegetable flavoured with kashmiri herbs and cooked with mild spices and cream.


Vegetable Madras (M)

Vegetable Madras.


Seasonal Stir Fry Green Vegetables (M)

Baby potatoes, courgettes, carrots and tomatoes tossed with cumin seeds and crushed red chillies served in a wok.


Kashmiri Palak Paneer (M)

Cottage cheese cooked with light spices, fresh tomatoes and spinach.


Tandoori Mushroom Masala (M)

Marinated mushrooms simmered in tomato and butter sauce.


Paneer Adrakwala (M)

Pieces of cottage cheese cooked with ginger, green chillies, lemon juice, red onion and tangy spices.


Sabzi Kofta (M)

Assorted vegetables grated balls cooked in a medium Kashmiri sauce.


Chilli Paneer (M)

Pieces of cottage cheese, marinated with a hot chilli sauce and herbs.


Vegetable Rogon (M)

A classic kashmiri vegetable dish cooked in a rich onion and tomato sauce.


Karahi Paneer

Medium or hot. Marinated in spices and cooked in medium rich gravy with tomatoes, capsicum.